tests: ‘hasLayout’ and shrinkwrapping (IEW6 and IEW7)

1. Vertical list: floating <ul>, non-layout <a>

2. Vertical list: Floating <ul>, layout <a>

3. Horizontal list: floating <li>, layout <a>


.testgrid ul {margin:0; padding:0; list-style:none;}
.testgrid ul a {margin:1px; display:block; padding:.5em}
.testgrid ul a:hover {background:#fff;}

ul.vertical {float:left; background: #cbba65; padding: 0.5em; list-style: none; } 
.nonlayout a { border: 2px solid #080; background:#dfd;} /* test 1 */
.layout a { zoom:1; border:2px solid #008; background:#ccc} /* test 2 */

ul.horizontal {padding:.5em; background; #65cbcb;} /* should not be visible */
.horizontal li {float:left; margin:2px;}
.horizontal a { height:1.5em; border:2px solid #d00; background:#ddd}


This problem appears mostly fixed in IE 7 RC 1. The shrinkwrapping effect is respected in all 3 test cases. The 'white-space' bug is also fixed.But there are still cases where strange effects can be seen, especially when not all descendant elements have layout.

Last modified: September 26 2009 06:59:47 GMT.